You know you want to click the link.

This podcast marked the earliest I’ve gotten an episode uploaded and set to go.  I wrapped everything up and set it to go on Wednesday of last week.  This was largely because I was spending the weekend at FogCon, and though I planned to be home about about 9am Monday, that was involving an overnight flight wherein I had about four hours of sleep time.  In my infinite wisdom, I decided that trying last minute podcasting work under those conditions was begging for disaster.

And a good thing I decided this, too, since Windows had a complete neurotic breakdown while editing this podcast.  Oh, it started has a BSOD every six minutes, but I could deal with that; save early, save often.  Reboot.  But then it stopped recognizing MP3 files.

I don’t mean that the audio editing program didn’t recognize MP3 files, though it didn’t.

I don’t mean all of the audio programs for windows (WMP, Quicktime, whatever the built-in player in Chrome is) stopped recognizing MP3 files, though they did.

I mean that no matter how many MP3 codecs I put everywhere, nothing would recognize any MP3 file as being anything playable ever.  At all.  Under any circumstances.

In any other relationship saying, “You won’t work with me? Fine, I’m going to utterly destroy you and replace you with a fresher, more generic version with less character,” would be considered deeply abusive.  Yet it does remarkable things for improving Anaea-computer relations.

So yes, my pretties.  This week’s podcast was brought to you by the most convoluted technical mayhemery yet.  I can’t wait to see what excitement is waiting for me next week 😉

Seriously, though.  Click the link.

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