Yesterday, I had a lot of time to think about what I was going to make for dinner.  This leads to planning, and spares me last minute dashes to the grocery store, or frantically thawing things from the freezer.  It also means that my plans can get a little extravagant.  I started by baking some bread.  This is not about the bread I baked.  It’s about the crepes.

IMG_6060Crepes were the very first savory dish I learned to make.  No, I really don’t do things by half-measures.  But when you think about them properly, they’re not nearly as fancy or difficult as they seem.  Savory crepes are basically a French burrito.  How intimidating can a burrito be?

I usually check the internet for a recipe to give me proportions for the crepes themselves, but this time around I remembered that we have a copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  So I asked Julia Child for the proportions instead.  And I learned something new.  Crepe batter is even easier when you use a blender.

She instructs to let the batter sit for at least two hours.  I didn’t start the crepe batter until an hour before dinner.  Sorry, Julia, but the leftovers will be great.IMG_6070

For the filling I didn’t use any recipe.  (It’s not like I’d have followed it if I did use one)  Instead I grabbed a variety of tasty things lying around the house and designated them filling.  That’s Italian sausage, fennel, mushrooms and a yellow onion.  Mmmm, french-burrito filling.IMG_6074

I tossed the filling ingredients into a skillet oiled with bacon grease one at a time and let them cook.  I had the heat high, to make the onion carmelize, the mushrooms brown, and the everything cook quickly.  Too much free time, yesterday.  I was running late.IMG_6075Do you see the gunk cooked onto the bottom of that pan?  That’s flavor, also known as tasty.  Do not, if you can at all help it, let that sit in the pan.  It looks like it’s stuck there, but that’s an illusion.  What you want to do is de-glaze the pan.  Usually this gets done with something boozy, like wine.  I was still out of wine after using it all on the beef stew.  Instead, I used lemon juice and vinegar.IMG_6086

Scrape the brown liquid and loose solid bits into a sauce pan.  Then I added some chicken stock since there really wasn’t enough liquid.  Bring that to a boil, then whisk in butter.  I had whatever was left of the stick I’d used to make the crepe batter and grease the bread pan.  Then I thickened the sauce with some Wondra.  It could have gone thicker, but was fine as it was and I was hungry.


This was my first time using a cast iron skillet for the crepes.  Conclusion: OMG doing it this way from now on.  This was also the first time I managed the “Flip the crepe by tossing the pan,” trick.  These things are related.  Sadly, nobody was there to see my utterly bad ass crepe flipping.  NEXT TIME!IMG_6085

That, ladies and gents, is what a French burrito wrapper looks like just before it comes out of the pan.  Mmmm.IMG_6088And that, is what a French burrito looks like when you’ve assembled and drizzled it with sauce.

I’d have liked a leafy green inside the crepe just to mix up the texture and add an extra depth to the flavor.  Arugula, in particular, would have been nice.  The crepe batter, even in its under-rested condition, worked great, and pouring from the blender was awesome.  Thanks, Julia Child!

One thought on “Sometimes You Just Gotta Crepe

  1. You can show off the crepe flipping for me any time (also, remember I’m coming to visit soon!)

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