Today is pretty awesome, and here’s why.  Yup, that’s a story by me, on Lightspeed.  Like ya do.  It’s spiff.

I’m proud of this story for two things: First, I got away with a story where I killed the protagonist before it even started, and without cheating by using an afterlife.  Second, I’ve got a character with a guilt complex over killing his Dad by being born.  Take that, Dads.  Childbirth can get you, too.

There’s also an Author Spotlight where they asked me interesting, sincere questions and I wasn’t too flip.  Except the part about the cat.  I may have been a little flip when I talked about the cat.

At any rate, I’ve got a story a month coming out for the next several months, so the internet is about to be filled with much more awesome than it was, and you can count on me to humbly tell you all about it as it happens.

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