The complete and utter tardiness with which I announce this week’s podcast is entirely my own failure to blog, and nothing else.  The podcast went up on time, and it’s great.  Anybody with a long commute this week should really appreciate it.  Anybody interested in stories that play with Shakespeare, hijinks, or colonies of radical feminists is going to find something to love here.

For those of you interested in behind-the-scenes trivia involved in the podcast, you’ll be interested to know that the recording for this week featured what is, to date, the most number of interruptions by Idi.  Who was alone.  And unloved.  Despite extensive cuddling and playing and socializing before the recording.  I think she secretly wants to be internet famous and thinks thwarting my recording attempts is her best option for a consolation prize.  Or, she likes it a lot when I’m frustrated.

Who am I kidding?  Everybody likes it when I’m frustrated.  It’s a conspiracy.  But at least you get awesome fiction podcasts out of it.

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