Here is this week’s podcast.   If any of you were terribly cliff hung last week, let me assure you that I have placed a figurative trampoline at the bottom of the metaphorical cliff for you.  Make of that what you will.

I do want to say, now that the whole story is up, that I am super, super happy this story sold when it did.  One, because I like the story.  But more importantly, because after they bought it I started the podcasting gig, which means I can’t submit to Strange Horizons anymore.  It is no secret that they’re my favorite of the short fiction markets I read, and the reason I started up writing short fiction instead of just cranking out novels.  Having SH like a story I wrote as much as I like SH just closes the loop on a happy, spiraling circle of mutual affection that would make a gerbil’s head spin.  And let’s face it, there are few things in life more fun than confusing gerbils.

That last paragraph didn’t quite go the way I expected it to.  Ignore it.  Listen to the podcast.

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