Something like thirteen years ago, my baby sister gave me a hoodie for Christmas.  I started hand washing it six years ago because it was clearly not going to survive another trip through a washing machine.  Shortly thereafter, people started commenting on the hobo look I seemed to be going for when wearing the hoodie.  I thought about replacing it.  I really, really did.  But I never did.  Even when it had clearly ceased to be a hoodie and had instead become proof that while I’m not frequently prone to sentiment, when I get sentimental, I don’t believe in half-measures.


My birthday was yesterday.  This is what my sister gave me.IMG_6242


2 thoughts on “This is What Love Looks Like

  1. Clearly this post is just proof of how terrible of a baby sister you have for not replacing it closer to 6 years ago. She must have waited for the purpose of punishing you by subjecting you to all the mocking that came with such a ragged jacket

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