I’ve been turning off the central air in my house to record podcast since we started running the A/C because it makes white noise in the background that I could hear pretty clearly on the podcast.  Since I usually only take about an hour to record the podcast, this hasn’t been an issue so far.  But this time around it was much hotter outside, and I wanted to try an experiment anyway, so I switched up recording locations this time.

It definitely has a different sound to it, but I’m undecided about whether it’s a net improvement or not.  But hey, two halves of one awesome story, what better way to test it out could there possibly be?  If y’all could do me a favor and let me know which week you think has better recording quality, that’d be awesome.  If you can tell me why, that’d be even more awesome because then I can narrow down ways to improve one or the other of the locations.

You know you want to.

One thought on “Podcast: In Joy, Knowing the Abyss Behind (Part 2)

  1. I thought part 1 was of better quality. Part 2 sounded a bit echo-y or tinny, like the sound was coming through an empty coffee can?

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