You have no excuse for ignoring this week’s podcast because it is quite short.  Beautiful, but short.

In one of them there irony thingies, even though it didn’t take me very long to record as compared to a typical fiction week, I spent much, much more time editing it than usual.  I got hilariously obsessive about pause lengths and pacing since for some reason during the reading I let every sentence hang all lonely in space and upon editing decided that maybe that was not so pleasant to listen to.  It’s probably the most neurotic about editing I’ve gotten since killing the mysterious buzz of doom.  Idi mocked me at length, though it’s possible she’d have been mocking me regardless of what I was doing since that’s what happens to humans who are working at their desks when they should be petting her.

Anywho, go check out the product of my neuroses.


One thought on “Podcast: Ten Cigars

  1. I know just how you feel. I’m often adding or deleting 1/10th second delays, and afterwards thinking “Does that really make any difference to the listener?” :/

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