This week’s podcast was brought to you by falling water.  First, the glass of water I spilled on the keyboard of the laptop I do the recording on.  Then, the big, loud thunderstorms that came rolling through right as I was going to start recording.  And finally, the glass of water I dropped in the lap of Nick’s Dad over dinner.  The last didn’t affect the podcast per se, but it did cap of a theme that plagued the weekend.  The laptop and father in question both appear to be fine.  Idi also seems to have once again prevented the sky giants from attacking through assiduous protection of my lap, not because she was scared, but because that was just where she felt like being if she wasn’t going to be growling at the sky from under something.

I suspect this was because the podcast was so awesome, the universe was trying to thwart it.  You should see what all the fated-fuss was about.

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