This week’s podcast brings a story with a nice, wry sense of humor.  It’s also full of nice, complex sentences.  And words.  This week has not been a week when words and I have been getting along.  More precisely, Anaea not brain so good.  (In fact, I’ve scheduled this particular entry ahead of time because I am actually taking today off, and hopefully spending it in bed.  Brain oozing out the ears is not attractive.)  Recording this podcast really hammered home to me exactly how friend in incoherent I’d become.  Because I couldn’t read.  At all.

I’m not kidding.  The final cut of this week’s podcast is just under 47 minutes. The original cut was 58.  That’s eleven minutes of me failing to say the words on the page that got cut out this week.  Nineteen percent of the original cut was pure me failing.  That is, by the way, a Strange Horizons podcast record, and one I hope won’t be beaten while I’m in charge.

Fortunately for y’all, we live in modern times where cutting out “Why the hell can’t I say centrif…gah!!!” is just a matter of a few mouse clicks.  And so you may go listen to this week’s story and find out what’s up with the chicken without suffering from my temporary illiteracy.

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