It’s September!  Fund drive is here!! Also a podcast!!!

Okay, that’s my exclamation point quota for the day.  They are meaningful exclamation points, though.  September marks the reduce probability of the weather persecuting me, which pleases me.  The Strange Horizons fund drive is the thing that keeps me in a podcasting job, and funds my favorite magazine, and also, if you donate enough money fast enough, will lead me to have a truly hilarious nervous breakdown.  There are four podcasts slotted as reward level unlocking things, which means I’ve got twice as many podcasts to put together this month as usual.

I did get some advanced legwork done, but my dream of having all four ready to go on September first, like all of my dreams about timely hyper-preparedness, did not pan out.  Unlock all four podcasts by the end of the week and I’ll have my roommates take pictures of the wailing, sobbing mass you’ve turned me into, then post them here.  My roommates might also throw in a bonus prize since they think it’s funny when I turn into a wailing, sobbing mass. (Everybody thinks it’s funny to persecute Anaea, because you are all bad, horrible people. And yes, that is why I like you.)

As for the point with the triple exclamation, hey, the podcast is worth it. This week’s is particularly timely, what with WorldCon and DragonCon and all the other giant convention-y things everybody is getting back from today. It’s also a story featuring a cute child which prompted exactly zero urges to vomit from me. That may sound like a left-handed compliment, but it’s actually pretty high praise. Check it out.


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