One of my favorite SF story tropes is humans emotionally bashing themselves against a thing that cannot or does not feel things the way they do, but personifying and struggling with it anyway.  (Ask me about my favorite scene in TNG some time and watch me gush. You want it in person, though.)  The story for this week’s podcast let me get to perform it. The trope, not the scene in TNG.  Super, super fun.  And it’s a good story, besides, which you knew since it’s a SH story.

Speaking of Strange Horizons, we at 17% in the fundraiser.  That’s good news, because that means you have the ability to add up to 83% to our goals! There’s room for you!  And also, prizes.  But just in case you’re uncomfortable clicking links through the page, even though you’re going to do it to listen to the podcast. here are direct links for you:

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