It is with deep regret that I must inform you that any and all attempts to give me a nervous breakdown by having the Strange Horizons fundraiser donations outpace my ability to put together the bonus content podcasts has failed – I uploaded the last of the pending podcasts last night.

What that means is that there are podcasts just sitting there in the cloud, waiting for you to listen to them, and you can’t have them until we unlock those reward levels.  As of right now we’re at 37%, just shy of $5000.  You’ve already unlocked one bonus podcast, Teffeu: a Book from the Library at Taarona.  Now go collect them all!

As for this week’s regularly scheduled content, we’ve got some awesomeness not related to the fundraiser, an outside reader.  Tony Sebastian Ukpo is reading one of the poems this week.  The general consensus was that to do justice to the poem we needed some skill not contained on our regular staff.  This is the sort of thing we’ll be able to do more of if we hit our first stretch goal of $12,000, because while the people who are actual Strange Horizons staff are volunteers, we pay all our contributors, and that includes outside readers for the podcasts.  Check it out.

And then give us money. 🙂

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