You know how, in a typical month, there are four, maybe five Strange Horizons podcasts? September is not a typical month.  Just today, you get not one, but two podcasts.  That’s not even fund drive bonus content, that’s just awesomeness for the sake of awesome.  You see, this week’s issue is the Indian SF issue, and it’s rather jam-packed.

Though, if you’re looking for fund drive goodies, they exist.  And there’s more where that came from, just as soon as the rocket gets fuller.  Which means you should fill up the rocket.  I know I told you that it’s too late to stress me out since I’ve finished all the bonus podcasts, but if sadism motivates you, all the bonus content is running our web team ragged, so you’ve got perks there.

Better perks, though, are prizes. Sadism is temporary, but books are forever.

Also, my happy parrot dance is hilarious.  You should try to trigger that.


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