The third and final story for the awesome month of awesome Halloween stories is up, and you can listen to it here.  Each of the stories that we’ve done this month have been really different from the others, which makes me happy since then I don’t feel like I have to pick a favorite.  I can’t.  They all do what they’re trying to do really well, and they’re trying completely different things.  This one is your most traditional horror-type haunted house story, but it’s got a lot more going on that that, of course.  It gets its creepy on well.

I did the post-production on this week’s podcast a bit differently since I still feel like there’s a gap between where we are and where we could be.  It fixed a lot of what I’ve been unsatisfied with, but introduced some different issues and I can’t decide whether this is a net improvement or not.  I’d super-appreciate feedback on that front, if any of you are willing.  You just have to go here to get it.

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