You didn’t get a warning about this because I barely got a warning, but I’ve got a new story up at Waylines.  It’s a pretty spiff story (and shorter than the last one, for those of you who felt, ahem, burned)  Teaser:

Marni doesn’t know how long she’s been in the Empty Place. She can’t know. Subjective time doesn’t exist there. It’s a time out in the most literal sense, and as she wafts through nothingness, alone with her thoughts, it becomes obvious that the human brain simply was not designed to exist without temporal parameters. She is, almost certainly, losing it a bit, and she’s stuck there until enough people on the ship have forgotten or forgiven that it’s “safe” to bring her out. Something to keep in mind, the next time she tries to blow a hole through the hull.

It’s a lovely issue, with another story by Andrew S. Williams, and also movies.  Yes, I said movies.  Waylines is a pretty neat market.  The artwork they put with the stories is quite lovely.

Also, Starship sofa did The Visited on their Halloween podcast, so if you’d like to listen to that one instead of reading it, you can!


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