There were things in my fridge I wanted to get rid of.  These were some of those things.  Also, I was cold, so I wanted to turn on the oven.  Also also, scatter-brained and needing to do a ton of work, which is when doing things with yeast is awesome (because there are interruptions, but deadlines by which things must! be! done!)  This led to one of my more prolific experiments.IMG_6746

I wound up chopping up and sauteeing all the ingredients for the stuff in the bowl individually.  I let the onion get a good carmelization, cooked the sausage all the way through, and left the celeriac in the skillet for a really long time since it kept smelling nice and I have no idea what cooked celeriac looks like.  I think it looks like raw celeriac, except more fragrant.

The leftover squash-chip attempt that hadn’t yet been turned into scrambled egg filling got thrown in, too.

Incidentally many of the world’s tastiest cuisines are just a way to get leftovers out of your fridge.  I remind myself that leftover maintenance is what brought us jambalaya and garbage pizza every time I start to wonder whether I’ve lost my mind.  Incidentally, I spent an awful lot of time thinking about jambalaya and garbage pizza.


I used a recipe for Parker House rolls, which are super buttery dinner rolls, to get some dough ready to go. Then I rolled them out into little rounds, put the sausage mixture into it, and folded up the edges.  IMG_6750

Mmm, raw dough filled with (hopefully) yummy things.

The roommates came home to me going, “I’ve done a thing, it has caused food.  I’m unsure whether or not it’s dinner.”


They seemed to find it to be an adequate dinner.  I was unsatisfied.  They were tasty, but seemed more appropriate to lunch or a snack to me.  I have been informed that I have funny ideas about dinner.

But wait, there’s more!

I filled up the baking tray before I used up all the dough, so after dinner I went ahead and turned the rest of the dough into rolls.  We then ate the rolls, because rolls.


But wait, there’s more!

I didn’t nearly use up all the filling, either.  So the next day I made a pie crust.  And then I put the filling in the pie crust.  And then I covered it in a pile of sharp cheddar.IMG_6756

I liked the pie a whole lot more than I liked the filled buns.  I also liked that one flailing kitchen experiment gave me three different dishes.  That’s efficiency at its tastiest!

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