is practically here, the sun has been unpleasantly eager to make its presence known, and I’ve got a new short story out.  “James and Peter, Fishing,” a heartwarming tale about the innocence of childhood and the power of dreams, went up at PodCastle this week.

Okay, it’s probably not that heartwarming.

And I have a mild allergy to the concept of childhood innocence.

Actually, it’s a story about tricksy mermaids and the power of friendship.

Except not really.  Or even a little bit.  You know what, why don’t you go listen to it?  The reader for the story, Thomas Busby, did an excellent job.  His voice was a spot on choice.  I’m very pleased.

The previous paragraph contained no lies.

*The artwork is actually not remotely appropriate for the story.  But I found it while looking for artwork that was and I liked it too much not to use it. This is the most misleading story publication announcement on the planet. I blame the sun.

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