WisCon. I will be there.  You can come here my talk.  Or read.  Or pontificate.  The last is like talking, but with more authority.

Here’s my schedule:

So, Your Character’s A God…

Friday, 1-2:15pm. Conference 4

Sometimes characters have strong beliefs in gods, and sometimes characters ARE gods. These can be anyone from omnipotent gods distanced from the people to gods casted out of their lands and forced to live as wretched beings. Sometimes there are whole pantheons of gods, and sometimes there’s just the one. What does it mean to have a god as a character? What are the potential pitfalls in using a real life religion as your fictional playground?

Alex Gurevich, Natania Barron, Anaea Lay, Gabiann Marin

Worldbuilding Justice And Injustice

Saturday, 9-10:15pm. Assembly

Questions of justice and injustice very often lie at the core of SF/F stories. As writers, how do we construct societies where these conflicts work well? What worldbuilding tools can we use to portray justice systems and their systemic – and often problematic – consequences in a society? How can we show those consequences in the actions and language of our characters?

K. Tempest Bradford, Charlie Jane Anders, Jennifer Marie Brissett, Anaea Lay, Juliette Wade

Snuggles, Rainbows, and World Destruction

Sunday, 2:30-3:45. Michelangelo’s

Stories of wonder and weirdness, rainbows and apocalypse. Come for the cuddly monsters, stay for the end of the world!

Cislyn Smith, Anaea Lay, Vylar Kaftan, Elizabeth Shack

I’ll also almost certainly make an appearance for the end of the Strange Horizons tea party.  Also, there’s going to be a spontaneous programming item about Project FAD, including the reveal of it’s not-temporary, actually-quite-permanent new name.  Make sure to look that up once it gets scheduled.

See you there!

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