Got an account over there. This is me if you care.

I decided to get the account since my sis does all her blogging over there and I’ve been wanting to be able to comment on her journal for ages now. However, since there are people over here who’ve expressed interest in tracking what I’m doing I’ll post stuff here too. If it looks like enthusiasm is lacking here I’ll leave it all on deviantart.

Right after I got the tablet I pulled a bunch of pics of different interesting/attractive people and did some rough sketches. Got decent results, but nothing that looked at all like the model, so I’ve spent a hefty chunk of the week trying to get this bit here to look like my model. I’ve failed, but frankly I’m tired of working on it, and I’ll need to start a significant portion of it over in order to get much improvement. Thus, I give you, .

I’ll reveal who it’s supposed to be, and link to the pic I used later. In the mean time, anybody care you guess? (Don and sib, no guessing since you know already)

Now, I’m off to bed since I’ve got a date with all-you-can-eat Shrimp tomorrow. It’s been sooo long since I’ve had good shrimp.

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