A quick poll of the audience. Now that I have a tablet and have vowed that nothing will stop me from learning to draw, except possibly the crushing realization that I’m not physically capable of it, does anybody other than me care? I know my sis shares my dream of us becoming a power duo where I draw the lines, she does the coloring, and together we take over the world, and Don wishes to taunt me. I’m okay with just sending my sis the lines I think she might be able to do something with and denying Don his pleasure, but I’m aware of the possibilities for something on a larger scale. So what do you think?

1) I don’t care, and would you please get around to composing that rant on feminism you’ve had brewing for weeks now?
2) I just plain don’t care and won’t pay attention whatever you do.
3) Get a deviantart account and post everything so we can track your progress, picking on you mightily as you go
4) Get a deviantart account and only post the good stuff so that you’re motivated to perfect individual sketches. We’re still picking on you
5) I don’t want to hurt your self-esteem, so do whatever you feel is best for you, and I’ll support you and love you the whole way. Perhaps you should make a list to help you figure out what would be the personally fulfilling course of action.
6) Whore your lj out and make your crummy sketches stand in for actual entries.
7) I find your implication that all possible course of action fit into 6 answers narrow, and you’ve excluded an important option. That option is…. and I do/don’t recommend it because…

3 thoughts on “Anaea continues to post with inanities. She’s becoming disappointing

  1. I choose 6. Is there really any reason to get a deviantart account when LJ can do exactly what deviantart can? If you keep this up and then it is good, then move to deviantart.
    I would however, provide an edit (and this I guess means I am also dealing with clause #7) and propose that #6 should read: Whore your lj out and make your crummy sketches as well your actual entries.

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