Was going to complain about what a tiny bitty little backwoods this alleged “city” actually is, and my apparent insanity for moving here instead of staying in Chicago.

Then I was going to complain about how, despite assurances every time I popped up here to check things out that the buses would work just fine, they clearly won’t.

I had a whole entry planned where I was going to freak out spectacularly about the rampant paranoia around here, what with warnings to make plans with your family for imminent terrorist attacks and movie theaters not letting you bring bags in because they’re afraid you’ll sneak in a gun. And that tickets are $10, and the only place I could tolerate having higher ticket rates than Chicago is New York.

I’ve always loathed the “Things are done better/smarter/more fun/efficient in X place that I’m from,” people, and I rather resent that this place has turned me into one of them in less than a week.

But then I saw the trailer to Beowolf, and the ticket price wasn’t annoying anymore. And then the teaser for the next Batman movie scheduled for next summer, and I was too busy squeeing with glee to care about much of anything.

Then I spent an hour and a half watching Matt Damon kick the asses of annoying people which cleared up everything else. I could have done with less hand-held camera style cinematography, if I want a youtube video I’ll watch it on youtube, but it turns out that Julia Styles can act, and everything was rock solid.

I still think that everybody who just loves this place is cracked. But I’m drinking the water unfiltered, so eventually the happy drugs they use to keep the population complacent ought to kick in and I won’t mind anymore.

One thought on “Bourne again

  1. The fist-cam style fight sequences might make it realer than the long-shot Matrix-style ones, but there’s gotta be something in between that’s watchable and believable at the same time.

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