But I don’t care that I hate it anymore. Nope, not one eensy bit, because I foresee spending all my time at work anyway, and I’m really quite fond of work just now. And suspect I will be for quite some time.

It’s no secret that I adored college beyond what is generally healthy for people who just aren’t going to stay there forever. Also no secret that I wasn’t there to be a student, I was there to play. Playing often looked like being a student, but it wasn’t really. I didn’t damn near whatever I wanted, as little of what I didn’t want as I could get away with, and had a marvelous time because the other kids in the sandbox liked to play too, and enough of them were happy to play with me.

Don seems to have run pretty heavily into the beer and sports crowd at work. I’ve run into the delightfully geeky, quirky, we’re making cracks about the medical AI going HAL 9000 on the cancer patient kind of great people. I think Don has some natural selection going against him; he’s a guy, they’re in a progressive gender-balanced tech-style company so oogling the girls is out and they assume that sports and beer is what’s left that they all have in common. Me being a girl who hasn’t been at all quiet about her techie leanings (Jesus Christ! Has Windows gotten more annoying while I’ve been not using it, or is that just me?), I’m scaring off the beer and football guys and leaving the cool ones who want to compare Linux distros or CompSci in college vs being self-taught etc. Also, statistically, the chicks here are less obnoxious than elsewhere, though we’ve still got a few doozies of feminine annoyance. Suffice to say I’m quite pleased that the chick filling in for me mentor my first day isn’t actually going to be working with me, for a while anyway, at all.

Further points; Clarity, remember the night our apartment got broken into? Skip the traumatic dashing back from the West Side bits and go straight to interacting with the cops. It’s funny. I mean it. Don and I entertained people from one side of campus to the other with anecdotes from that night. Oh, and if you’re ears were burning, it was because I may have mentioned you trying to pronounce Murillo with French phonetics, and giggled. But I’ll pick on you about that to your face too, so s’all good 😉

Apparently regardless of the health insurance plan I get, three things will remain constant. 1) It’s insanely cheap. Insanely. 2) Free chiropractor. Me thinks I might take them up on that. 3) I get reimbursed for a health club membership. There’s a giant health club on a hill almost literally across the street from us. Methinks I’ll check out what kind of classes for stuff they offer and when those classes are, if they’re interesting. My back screams for less ass-in-chair syndrome.

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