The saga of “Anaea is a really terrible, truly sucky, horrifyingly wretched human being” continues. This week she looks up tickets to visit sibling at college over Thanksgiving. There is a four year debt to repay, you see, and Anaea vows that by all the powers that be, nothing will stop her.

This apparently meant all values of nothing not including the requirement of $1000+ dollars for a three day trip during which nothing particularly great will happen, or 8 hours on a bus to get to places with better flights so as to spend $400+ for a two day trip during which nothing particularly great will happen, or 16+ hours in a car for a one day trip during which nothing will happen, for Anaea will be asleep.

Sibling accept substitution of “weekend after your birthday.” Anaea suspects sibling wasn’t super-enthusiastic about Thanksgiving trip to begin with. Anaea does not feel absolved of general crappy persontude.

Anaea is going now to continue work on biography, which was interrupted for two hours of trying to force the universe into accordance with her will, because the biography has whole other levels of “Anaea really sucks” attached to it. She will probably continue to abuse use of the third person, because even when she’s at her crappiest, she’s a really pompous bitch.

3 of four chapters revised, with lots of extraneous material that still needs to be either cut, or sorted in and polished, for anybody keeping count. Also, the Urban dictionary is amazing, and rocksome, and I should have found it ages ago. Er, that is, Anaea should have. Damn if she isn’t an inconsistent moron too.

3 thoughts on “Lameitude continues

  1. Anaea should intersperse her biography with really cool fictitious things like being a ninja or a pirate, or an international super spy! šŸ˜€

    1. While this would be cool, there are plenty of cool non-fictitious things there already, I’m not lacking for working with fiction, and I suspect people would notice.
      Or would they?

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