So, among the things I decided must be done by the end of the month is consolidating all my pretty student loans to get those suckers paid off in a hurry. Hunting around in the internet it looks like everybody’s offering pretty much the same deal everywhere. I’m liking the part where I get a discount for letting them take payments straight out of my bank account; yes I want to be rewarded for not having to remember to send you a check. Anyway, I’m thinking that since I don’t know all that much about loanage, finance, etc., and about three hours of poking at stuff doesn’t reveal massive scammage (apparently they get you when you’re going in more than they get you coming out) I’ll just go with Sallie Mae. I’ve actually heard of them, positively, and they’ll fill out the paperwork for me which I’m massively okay with.

Anybody who knows more about this than I do, which is probably anybody who’s ever paid a loan, got advice/warnings? This is, uhm, rather a lot of money to wind up in a nasty deal over, and I very much want to buy a house in August (so not realistic, but that’s never stopped me before). Badly informed anecdotal evidence is acceptable, so long as it’s labeled as such.

4 thoughts on “Advice?

  1. That’s kind of creepy: I was doing the exact same thing at the exact same time last night. Well, perhaps half a step ahead, because I’d already decided on Sallie Mae. And now I’ve applied for consolidation (well, two separate consolidations, annoyingly enough, because I have both federal and private loans). So, no real advice here, per se, except that from what I can tell, Sallie Mae is good.

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