Put out my bird feeder two weeks ago. Not a single birdie came, so far as I could tell. I was beginning to despair when, suddenly, a week later, BIRD! About two birds came flitting back and forth between the feeder and a nearby tree for most of the day.

Get up this morning and look out the window, no birdies. *sigh* Is my seed not up to snuff? Did the first two birdies from last weekend tell all the other birdies that, yes, I loves the song birdies, but I’m really a parrot lady?

Look out the window again, and not only is there a bird on all three perches with access to seed (need to refill the feeder) there are more on the rail and surface of the deck eating the seed dropped by the other birdies.

Having a popular feeder is so totally more cool than anything else.

Grah, off to plan party. Must invent murder mystery when I only know eight of the characters. Musn’t let messing up the boot sequence on my work laptop distract me. (It’s so much cooler when it runs Ubuntu from an external hard drive though…)

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