Watching back episodes of Meet the Press. (Video iPod means politics fill car ride to Chicago means business trip becomes awesome) Tim Russert was way out of line at several points on his episode with Mitt Romney. There was a lot of asking two part questions, then interrupted the answer during the first part to force him on to the second part. I imagine Tim thought he was being tough, but since he’s usually a very good moderator and interviewer it really just came off as him dogging the Mormon. I don’t like having to side with the Mormon against Tim Russert. Mormons put my phobia of hive minds into over drive like you wouldn’t believe.

Also, why does Mitt Romney look like the sanest of the Republican candidates so far? No really, I mean it, why? His alleged flip-flopping really is consistent with somebody getting more crotchety as he gets old, and if it weren’t for the part where I wouldn’t trust a Republican in the White House if God came down and told me to (okay, especially not then) his, “Look Tim, I’m a Federalist. Just because I think the country ought to move in this direction, and that’s what I did in my own state doesn’t mean I want that mandated at the Federal level” would have me hooked. The problem with that is that you have to believe him, and I’m not going to trust a Republican to think one thing personally and enact a different policy. They just don’t do that anymore. That went out of style with the constitution or something.

2 thoughts on “I really hope you guys like short bits on politics

  1. I actually like aspects of Romney. I think his more genuine CEO credentials are refreshing. I also don’t give a damn about his mormonism and whatever magic underwear that may entail. For some reason, I have had nothing but positive experiences with Mormons growing up while most state side Americans seem to be exposed to the ones who have broken away from the official church, live in trailer parks, and thus have multiple wives.

    1. My direct experiences with Mormons have involved missionaries who are after my soul. It creeps me out. Mormons in trailer parks don’t bother me at all. It’s the giant hive-organization that does it.
      But that’s beside the point which is that, of the Republican candidates, Tim Russert made the one I’ve got a particular inclination to lean against come off as the most reasonable one by trying to provoke him into sounding like a loony. That’s one giant “Shame on you, Tim Russert,” and also a, “Wow, the Republicans are really scary right now.”

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