I’ve been watching CNN for over two hours now, desperate for any kind of news at all about the primaries. Over TWO HOURS, got that? I’ve seen the same story about how Huckabee and McCain conspired to steal West Virginia away from Romney three times, been teased for an upcoming story about unreliable voting machines and voting troubles at every other commercial break (and they’re copious) and listened to whoever this Situation Room guy is talk about how he’s well rested an exercised so he can post in his blog and cover the primaries all night long need be.

Periodically they’ve mentioned how much it sucked on Wall Street today, and how we shouldn’t worry too much because it’s all just a reaction to a report that came out Friday and things will cool off and go back to normal soonish.

I think there was a story in there about how to lose weight, but that might have been a commercial because I’ve been working through this whole time. (Officially I went back to the hotel because they’ve got better connection speeds for getting on the network than the customer site, not because I’d have cable TV so I could wig out over the primaries)

Over two hours I’ve been watching this. They just slipped in a ten second mention that a list of terror suspects who’ve “Been subjected to the interrogation technique known as waterboarding” might be released soon.

What the fuck CNN? 1 poll has closed. ONE. I’m happy just to watch your little clock tick down, or maybe you could give me some exit poll data once in a while. Don’t you think maybe you ought to report the news? THAT’S REALLLY IMPORTANT NEWS. Grrrrrrrrrr.

“Interrogation technique” my ass. You’ll roll your eyes and whine about the primary system being unfair because it’s not the same everywhere, and how it’d be nice to get a president teh rest of the world doesn’t hate, but don’t call torture on waterboarding?!!

At least the connection speeds at the hotel are actually better than the ones on the customer site.

P.S. This is why I only watch the news on special occasions.

Update: CNN is projecting teh Obama will take the popular in Georgia, no guesses about delegate distribution. I forgive them a little bit for saying this.

2 thoughts on “CNN sucks

    1. Yes, but then I’m checking websites instead of listening to it in the background while working. Since I’m billing these hours, the distinction is important.
      (Finished billable work before venting rage at CNN)

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