Anaea: So, has anybody had things appearing in their hotel room while they’re out for dinner?
Co-worker M: Like apples and candy?
Anaea: Yeah! You too?
Co-worker M: It’s creeping me out a little.
Co-worker J: It’s the turn down service you get for your level of rewards membership. Most hotels give you something useful like ice or a drink.
Anaea: But I went gold over two months ago. Why is it just starting now?
Co-worker M: Me too.
Co-worker J: *Shrug.*

So that mystery’s solved. Shame on all of you hoping that I had a female stalker because I’m amusing when I’m creeped out. Yes, you know who you are, and I’m glaring at you.

Oh, and PENGUICON!! I should be getting there tomorrow late afternoon-early eveningish. I’ll be wearing black cargo pants, probably with a black shirt of some sort (easy odds on that, given my wardrobe) a black leather gambler and, uhm, blue flip-flops. I’ll be carrying a black and tan L.L. Bean bookbag laptop case which will have a black Toshiba Satellite with silver flower and leaf stenciling on it. It’s got the first three letters of my first name on it, but odds are if you wouldn’t recognize me visually you don’t know what that is. Well, grab a chance to find out and throw yourself in front of all 5’6″ pasty pale females with long dirty blond hair and blue eyes and asking if they’ve got a thing for parrots. There can’t be that many of us. (Ha! Yeah right.)

Dear me, I’m still dealing with getting back from Chicago, and I’m flying to California on Monday. The next ten days are going to kill me.

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