Today we have the second of what will apparently be an ongoing series of things mysteriously left in my hotel room while I am away. Last time, as you may recall, it was an green apple on a napkin, left in the open space of my desk where my laptop generally was while I was away to dinner. This time I did not opt for working in the chair with the reading lamp as that mostly leads to staring out the window and waxing fondly on being in Chicago, so the laptop was still on the desk. Leaving the apple untouched for housekeeping to clean up after I checked out must have sent a message.

Today it’s chocolates on the nightstand.

I sent housekeeping away at 4:30 because I was in a groove and didn’t care that much about having my bed made and my clothes picked up from the floor and folded, and nothing was straightened anyway. I do not have access to the chocolates left on the nightstand – they’re the kind they put on the pillows of the beds on the VIP level of the hotel, which I am not on. This rules out theories involving me being a space-case or having multiple food-filching personalities.

Chocolate is neither jewelry nor balloons, as requested in the previous installment, but it is a move in the secret admirer direction. That said, it’s still creepy enough that I’ll continue dead-bolting the door when I’m in my room and not eat the chocolate. I like chocolate, but not enough to accept it from strangers, particularly not ones with access to my bedroom.

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