Utterly. Spectacularly. Astonishingly. Awesome. As per usual.

Every time I see these guys the show is bigger, their set is smaller, and the big name at the end of the show their in sucks marginally less. I don’t even remember the name of the band that closed out the show when we saw them at the Bottom Lounge (back before it burned down *sigh*). Porcupine Tree failed to make any impression on me at all until I saw them last June at which point I decided they were way too hung up on the “Drugging our kiddies is bad” theme, a touch pretentious, and fairly boring. I’m easily bored during concerts, it happens. I skipped whatever the first band was to follow them tonight, found the Opeth fans much more entertaining than the band, and Dream Theater is three parts pretentious for every part they’re good. Opening with the 2001 theme would have been amazing if they’d continued to be epic and fantastic from there. They weren’t. I do like them live better than recorded, though.

But 3. ZOMG 3. Clarity and I stormed their merch table after their set along with dozens of new converts. We got mad cred for our matching “voracious moths” T-Shirts. We chatted up each member, got signatures on posters, may have acquired something to soothe Don’s bitter jealousy over being left out, and got a partial group photo along with apologies for missing three (Ha!) of the members of the band in the shot. The pic looks very dark on the camera, I’ll probably have to mess with the contrast on it a bit so that the two band members can actually be seen on either side of us, but the stranger I grabbed for the photo did snap it before I got tired of smiling and started looking psychotic from the strain.

Yeah, band members touched me. I’m all awesome and stuff now.

Of the times I’ve seen them, I think this is the time their live performance stuck closest to what’s on their CDs, a shame. Time constraints and all that. Joey had to outdo himself to get his strings broken in time. (He did still break his strings! It’ll be a sad day if he ever quits doing that) Really should have started a nasty encore-demanding riot, except that I spent the set they would have pre-empted in the hallway fangirling.

Oh, uhm, Don, I may have offered our shiny new house up as living space. I figure, we’ve the space for them, and we’ll get lots of free concerts that way. If you want I’m sure they’d be willing to bring girl groupies with them to keep the gender ratio in whack for you.

My sister’s going to either try catching the tour while it’s in D.C. or Richmond (I told her to hit both). Last I heard my mother plans to tag along since she’s fond of Dream Theater’s lead singer. *Pictures mother listening to Opeth* That’s…well, that’s going to end in a funny story is what that is.

I suspect I will have no idea what’s going on all day at work tomorrow. I further suspect I don’t care.

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