Dear People of North Carolina,

You have my congratulations and hearty approval. I look forward to entertaining you in my home come November and serving you cheesecake. Please respond with your preferred type and the exact date (post-election) which will be most convenient for you. Specific details on the offer with be forthcoming as a better understanding of the situation develops.


Anaea the Pleased.

Dear People of Indiana,

You’re a bunch of ungrateful fuckheads, you are. Which part of being in his backyard don’t you get? When you’re in somebody’s backyard, you vote for them. Period. That’s how this politics thing works. You are so lucky that the margin was minuscule or I’d have to rail on about this at length, and I have a plane to catch. You, feckless windbag state that you are, are on notice. Get your act together, and quick.


Anaea Wrathful.

5 thoughts on “I like it when the headlines are dramatizing things in favor of my guy

  1. I, uh, have friends in NC, (I think, it might actually be south) like the wonderful poingy . Can I nominate her for the cheesecake recieving?

    1. If Obama wins the Whitehouse without doing something I find intolerably offensive then everybody is invited over for cheesecake. This includes the backstabbing traitors in Indiana.
      Not that I’m bitter about Indiana. I’m sure they’re fine people when they aren’t murdering kittens and eating babies*.
      *All offense taken should be tempered by the knowledge that I’m in an airport

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