Given that I have been in a state of near nervous hysteria for ten days, that in this condition I usually turn to V for Vendetta as my feel good movie, and that if I watch it just one more time Don might explode, can anybody suggest another movie that is similarly satisfying? I need a believable despot, and scorn for the people who let it happen mixed with the gleeful ass-kicking of said despot. So, you know, V for Vendetta, but packaged differently enough that Don won’t take away my remote control.

I’m not sure whether I’m sorry I’ve been watching the news so that I could get this bothered by things, or pleased that I’m not gleefully going around with my head in the sand while scary shit goes down. I know which way people who’ve tried to engage in casual conversation with me lately are leaning…

2 thoughts on “A request

  1. Hmm…
    for a very lighthearted, humorous, early-80’s take on deposing a small time despot (aka: The Boss), see the movie 9 to 5, with Dolly Parton.

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