Words cannot express how happy this makes me. The money I was planning to donate to Obama after the convention is absolutely going here instead.

By the way, no more cheesecake for America in November. I’m invoking the “and I’m still supporting him” clause of that deal. Please do make your phone calls and write your letters to express how that makes you feel. The number you want is (202) 224-2854. Just remember to phrase, “Dude, you totally just cost me my cheesecake” as, “I object to having my basic freedoms stripped. I believe in this change, but I really don’t like it.”

2 thoughts on “Oh thank goodness!

  1. These people use robocalling, which is like all of the annoyance of telemarketing with none of the satisfaction of making the telemarketer miserable. Tantamount to terrorism in my book.
    Moreover the whole idea is bit silly. They want to get Democrats quaking in their boots that because they voted for the bill, they’re not going to get reelected. What if it works? And we get an overwhelming Republican majority? Mission accomplished! Then Congress can pass all the wiretapping legislation they want without Dems getting their hands dirty. Won’t the world be a better, freer place?
    Barack’s swinging right because he’s courting the other side for a little while. If you’re waiting for a candidate who’s going to make every decision the way you want it, you can run for whatever office you want but your chances are slim. It’d be real neat if we had a president who once in a while made decisions I Don’t disagree with. I’m still having cheesecake in November, and if you’re not, then I guess you’re just too good for cheesecake.
    Which is sad.

    1. There’s a difference between him making decisions I disagree with, and him making decisions I consider reprehensible, and downright unconstitutional. He wasn’t the candidate that agreed with me 100% by a long shot. He’s a Democrat, which I am rather distinctly not. If he didn’t want’ this used against him he could have abstained from voting – McCain did – and I could have accepted it. This kind of capitulation isn’t just to the Bush administration, it’s to everybody who sees terrorists everywhere and wants to throw everything they’ve got at them, including the Bill of Rights. That is not okay. I will not support that. You’re welcome to it, but I don’t suggest talking about politics on the phone anymore.
      Welcome to the bright and shining future. I’m bowled over with hope.

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