Heads up to people – my cell phone number has changed. I’m still carrying the old phone for a while, at least until work gets the new number updated, but the number with the Maryland area code will shortly not be answered anymore. I don’t know when it’s getting disconnected, but since I won’t be checking it let’s pretend the answer is soon. The new number is local to my mailing address.

If you had my old number and wand the new one, and don’t get the text message I’m sending about it in the next couple hours, email me. I will not be leaving a voicemail greeting with the new number in it since there are a couple people I don’t want getting the new number. If you’re reading this, it’s not you, so don’t sweat it.

Right. Back to earning my paycheck now.

…I have just now noticed that the upswing in my job satisfaction tracks perfectly with the upswing in my work load. That’s just sick.

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