John McCain, I am not your friend, stop referring to me as such. “Friend” is a word I use to refer to people for whom I feel affection. The warm feeling I get when you open your mouth is not fuzzy.

Apparently the booze in the concierge lounge is not supposed to be free. The concierge lady likes me, took pity on me, and I’ve got half a glass of tolerable wine. She agrees that just watching the SNL skit

“Let’s put medical records online. That’ll reduce ‘errors’ as they call them.” Uhm, John McCain, the only thing stopping a hospital from switching to an electronic system is being able to pay for it. Also, watch how you mandate since having a bad EMR is worse than sticking to a paper system. Just ask England.

I would really, really like to see John McCain rebut Obama’s point about healthcare costs increasing by more than McCain’s tax credit thereby making healthcare less affordable under his plan. For one, it would indicate that he thinks Americans are smart enough to run the second calculation. For the other, I don’t know enough about the numbers involved to run them myself, but I’d rather have a plan along McCain’s style than Obama’s. If McCain doesn’t rebut the numbers, I take that to mean they’re accurate, which means his plan sucks. Sucky plans are worse than none at all.

They’re both so very clearly pissed at each other that it’s kinda ruining the entertainment value of this debate. They had a good report in the first debate, tossing rebuttals back and forth with lots of dignity. Not giving the size of the fine was a huge error on Obama’s part – he needed to be scathing right back. Ignoring it kinda makes it look like he doesn’t know, which is very bad.

Am I the only person who reflexively wants to punch John McCain in the nose when he cites national security as an excuse for being a jackass?

Watch citing all that experience, Johnny boy. I’m against several of those wars you’re listing.

Obama, we expect the Republicans to repeat themselves constantly and verbatim. That’s how they work. I’m really, really tired of hearing some of these lines. Really, really tired. A couple of them have been around since last year.

Really want Tom Brokaw to stop rehashing these questions and ask these guys about same sex rights. Mostly I want Obama to make up for Biden being an unforgivable hypocrite on the issue last week.


Do not have enough wine to play the Reagan name-drop drinking game. Also, I don’t think John McCain doesn’t know that “holocaust” is not “genocide of jews” but “genocide.” Too late to say “Never again,” on that issue.

Yes, because the phrase “reverse course” isn’t going to scan as “surrender” to the war-mongering wingnuts. Fabulous choice of words there, Obama. Also, every time you say “encourage democracy in Pakistan” I get the shivers. So should not be screwing around with a nuclear power like we are.

Oh, now Teddy Roosevelt is your hero. I suppose that name will cover the lie you tell immediately afterwards. Obama really should spend more of the debate laughing like that.

Taliban came back in? Dude, I watched Charlie Wilson’s War too, but they got their history right. Weren’t you there, giving blow jobs to Reagan, at the time? (Come Mr. Taliban, hiding with Osama. Americans come but they gonna go home)

John McCain you fucking obvious liar! Old veteran friend? I was watching that, on national television, on the campaign trail, at a town hall meeting. Is anybody stupid enough to believe this bullshit?

“We’re not going to have another Cold War with Russia.” This sounds eerliy like, “The fundamentals of the economy are sound.” Also, moral support? What, are we going to go pat them on the back and tell them to chin up?

No, I don’t want to hand them money either. You both suck.

He said it was a yes or no question. Do we need a dictionary, gentlemen?

Ooh, the Israel question was actually a good one. Oh my god if John McCain ever tried to touch me like that I’d rip off his arm. I feel all icky on behalf of Navy Chief in pink shirt man. Oh, and they took that good question and started bickering over the same nonsense from the last debate.

Holocaust! Not just for jews!!

Obama would be better if he just never talked about terrorists. In fact, I think I’m going to give any politician who refuses, on principle, to talk about terrorists points towards getting a vote. Unless they’re talking about terrorists who are actually a threat like, say, abortion clinic bombers.

I wonder if book shopping will ease my pain. Myopic is open pretty late. Mmmm, books.

Obama, these are all things that you do know. Answer the gorram question. The TV may not survive if McCain cites terrorists…oooh, narrow escape. Also, did he just admit that he doesn’t know his global geography?

Yeah, Cindy McCain looks like a zombified barbie doll. Woman creeps me out.

2 thoughts on “Must snark debate. Snarking requires audience. Watching it alone. That makes you audience.

  1. Electronic records can have all of the problems of paper records. And a slight coding error can have horrible results. Or just weird ones, as when my mother-in-law was charged for a prostate exam.

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