So, as far as I can tell, Marduk’s motherboard is dead. I hit the power button, the green light comes on, but absolutely nothing happens from there. I’ve plugged in external monitors to determine whether or not it was just the screen, left him off for several hours to cool down (my initial suspicion was overheating), and taken him, for all intents and purposes, completely apart just to dust out his insides. Then I put him back together, started him up, and while this time the fan was running, nothing happened.

Marduk is barely 18 months old. This is completely unacceptable. I’ve been a hardcore devotee of the Toshiba Satellites for three notebooks in a row now, (Vishnu’s motherboard fried too, but there was an ice water incident in there, and Mannie was thefted), but as of about three hours ago, my enthusiasm has cooled considerably. I mean, sure, I’d voided the warranty several times over already, but dying just six months outside of the warrant is completely unacceptable.

I’m going to take him to a repair place tomorrow and see if it’s worth it just to fix him. I really, really don’t want to buy a new computer. I rather want a home laptop for personal use, but the fact is that I’m only home three days out of the week, spend little of that on the computer, and can turn my work machine into a fairly functional Linux box just off booting from the Cuckoo drive. So yeah, much with the not wanting to buy a new one.

There’s also probably an element of, between Monty, Edmond, Marduk, and the work machine, and the work machine with its personality correction in place, I sorta have five computers. None of them are my laptop, but I’m spread a little thin for the actually caring about the machines. I still haven’t put Monty together, and we moved in May – though Edmond does now have his spacious new hard drive and should commence his serving duties before the weekend’s out.

In summary, I am thoroughly pissed at Marduk. He did not have permission to die.

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