Apparently learning a new customer and cleaning up somebody else’s mess there while still working on the original one and not really being off the temporary project and becoming the local expert on ugly hacks to fake getting functionality we don’t quite actually have, combined with running the revolution, means I don’t get to dash out to pick up that book waiting for me until 1 am – about three hours after the bookstore closed. Woops.

That said, you were just waiting for a personal invitation to take up the cause and join my revolution, right? Cause this is it, all personalized and special for you.

I know, I know, I left out all the pretty bombs and guns you expected from any revolution of mine. Think of it this way: You’re playing the Bigger Grown up Game with the Universe*. You get mad crazy points for making the Universe cry while unarmed and saving the world. (My actual recruiting campaign, when that gets kicked off, will be more convincing than that)

Oh, and anybody wondering, yes – this is in fact a phase of Secret Project R. What, you thought that was something completely else? Yeah, those are Secret Project R too, this one is just the first one to make it out of the planning stage. It’s a multi-front war, but I have no plans of invading Russia, so we should be okay.

*Yes, the Universe started it. If you can’t think of something I mean by that go ahead and ask. Be prepared for verbosity.

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