I am once again reminded that Me+airport+CNN is a bad, bad combination. I desire to inflict violence on the giant TV screen, but that would end very badly for me.

I’m continuing to be surprised at the shock and surprise felt by these people over things that were obvious ages ago. Who didn’t call Obama making Clinton Sec State five minutes after it was obvious Clinton was going to lose the nomination? We spent three weeks speculating on whether Clinton was waiting for a hard offer of the job before withdrawing from the race for crying out loud. Let’s give Obama a pat on the back for being smart and move on now.

Yeah, so for future reference, four days in Kentucky with heavy exposure to Fox news, then three hours in an airport in front of CNN is a particularly bad combination. I do not like Kentucky. Or at least I don’t like Ashland Kentucky, and I’ll accept that given it’s proximity to W. VA and Ohio it may not be representative, but I’m going to go ahead and judge the whole state anyway. I can only handle so much cheery unprovoked rudeness from every side before I tap out my capacity for open-mindedness.

…nobody thought it was strange that every TV in the place was hard wired for Fox news. That’s just creepy.

One thought on “Airports, sigh

  1. What’s not to like about Ashland, KY? It’s a decaying steel town full of people who blame the decay on everything and everyone except the factors that caused it.
    Fox Noise helps reinforce their sense of victimisation.
    (Ob revelation: I used to work in Morehead, 60 miles west of Ashland. Eastern Kentucky is one of those places you are glad to leave.)

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