I am bored. Not in the right this second have nothing to do sense, but in the work has gotten painfully routine and it’s my major source of interesting puzzles to toy with way. I could bitch about all of the boring inane things I’ve been well behaved about*, but instead I’m going to make a puzzle for myself. I shall create a game. Here’s the deal:

I am going to create a game which will be playable here, on lj. If you’ve been to my Halloween/Don’s birthday parties**, or other places on the net where I’ve done other games you have some idea of how my brain works when making up games. As of this moment right now I have no idea what the game is going to look like. I’ll customize it to the people who want to play.

That said, I’m incredibly busy, so my time commitment is going to be low. That means your time commitment will be low. Comment here if you want to be involved in the game. You have until I know what I’m doing to sign up. The odds of me figuring it out before Saturday morning are very slim. Feel free to invite friends since I could use practice developing mechanics that don’t break at the 20+ people mark, and I’m not getting close to that here without help.

* I dislike being well behaved. Stupid need to not get arrested.

**Mechanics developed for this may or may not influence the game for this year’s party, so this may or may not give you an edge come October if you know me IRL.

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