Absolutely cannot find a program that does what I want to do, despite the fact that I think what I want is fairly straightforward. The only things close are shareware Windows programs, and after spending a weekend with Ifrit (the new netbook, as of months ago, you haven’t heard about her because she hasn’t pissed me off yet) in Windows trying those out, I’ve decided to learn shell scripting (finally) and just do it myself.

I’m learning from this tutorial. I’ve known everything up to the input/output section for years. Immediately upon reading the inpupt/output section while awake and coherent, and therefore understanding it, I was overcome with warm fuzzies.

This, I think, speaks volumes about how very bored with everything I am. That, and the part where I spent the afternoon fantasizing about starting a cake decorating business.

Off to go earn some geek cred.

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