I shall be applying to VP again this year. As I no longer have the job I would have had to quit to attend last year, I’m hoping to actually get in. To that end, I want to have my submission together by March 1. They say submitting early helps your chances, and I got wait listed with a June 1 submission. I don’t know how far down the list I was or how much submitting early would have helped, but I think I’m in the range where sneezing at advantages is silly. Which leads me to this:

It’ll take me until June 1 to get enough space between me and the current drafts to properly beat these little beasties into shape. On the other hand, I digest feedback into revisions in just a couple days. Thus I’d like feedback. I’ve already sent both stories through my writing group and pounded on them with what I got there. Does anybody else want to take a gander? My submission consists of a 2500 word story and a 1400 word story. I’ll gladly hand over one or both to anybody who promises to be scathing in their feedback. I know I’m brilliant and masterful already. No need to tell me again 😉

Volunteers, anybody?

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