My darlingest favoritest baby sister got me a copy of Leviathan for Christmas. If you’ve somehow managed to not hear any of the hype about it the premise can be summarized as such: Steampunk WWI where the Germans and allies fight with clanker bots and the British fight with genetically engineered animals including but not limited to a blimp bred out of whale. I called one of the twist-like reveals way early on, but not in a bad way which is always impressive. Aside from that the book was downright fun. The teen protagonists were each made of nifty, the adults did not suffer stupid-grownup syndrome (and were frequently badass), and the world was thoroughly delightful. Best of all, despite being the first of a planned trilogy, the ending was actually satisfying and felt appropriate. There’s lots more story to tell, but I don’t feel like I got an incomplete first third of a much larger book.

In short, go read it.

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