1) Tactical resignation of webmastery position so as to reclaim website being held hostage by people who want their ideas and opinions considered, but refuse to come to meetings where these things get discussed

2) Be Clever.  About fiction.  At Odd Con.  This will be the highlight of my day.

3) Convince my corporate overlords that I continue to be brilliant and dedicated to them when I’m at home, despite not really being on the phone or at all available during business hours today.

4) Prevent election theft.  Rally on the plaza at the top of State St at 4:30.  Come angry, but civil.

5) My taxes.  Yeah, I forgot to do them when I meant to in February.  Something about a week I accidentally didn’t come home.

6) Finish my revisions omgwhyhaveIwritten20kandstillnotfinished

7) Sleep.

Today is better than last Friday.  Today is going to be fun.

Pendantic rambling about manipulating people and organizing groups and whatnot still forthcoming.  For some reason, I’m having trouble finding time to blog.

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