You can now buy issue 25 of Apex magazine.  You care about this not just because it’s a great magazine full of fabulous stories and edited by the fantastic Catherynne Valente.  No, you care because I wrote the first story in the issue.  You should go buy a copy, or possibly a subscription to Apex.

Here, have a teaser to convince you.

I was thinking of you. It was late and the lights in the bar were set low, creating the cozy, private feeling that you always found so depressing in those sorts of places. They’re my sort of place now, but there was nothing private about the mass of people pressing on me as we stared in awe at the big television screens.

“The bridges are gone, collapsed at the same moment.” The reporter gasped. “There’s no sign of an explosion. Authorities won’t answer questions about what happened.” They were showing the same footage again. And again. The Brooklyn bridge crunched at the middle as if giant hands pressed either end together, then collapsing, crashing into the water below, taking who knows how many people down with it. The Holland tunnel was uprooted and submerged. New York was completely cut off from its suburbs on Long Island and in New Jersey. It had to be a bizarre natural disaster or a brilliantly executed terrorist plot or…something.

5 thoughts on “About that Being a Writer Thing

  1. I’ve only just had a chance to read this. I didn’t see it at Martha’s Vineyard (I guess it was the one you brought rather than the one you wrote there?) It’s sad and evocative (although I desperately hope your narrator is wrong about Los Angeles, which tells you how real it felt to me).

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