Back up to late February/early March, and I was pretty much spending all of my time at the Capitol, and then literally living there for a bit.  The day they closed down access, I developed a mild obsession with putting a tent city up around the Capitol.  I had this lovely vision of standing on the balcony around the dome after dark and looking down at a square ringed by glowing tents.  One of the guys from the electricians union to this day remembers me as “That girl obsessed with the tents.”  The logistics for a tent city at the time were a nightmare – temperatures were near or below zero at night, there was snow on the ground and more falling, and a real concern that if we actually did it, somebody would wind up dead.  But I fell a bit in love with the idea.

Now we have it.  Like the camp set up outside the Capitol during the occupation, they’re calling it Walkerville.  The weather is about as different as it could get from what it was during the occupation – low 90’s (which is abhorrent, especially for Wisconsin), bright sunshine, humidity, everything I loathe about summer – but it cools down enough at night that concerns about heat stroke aren’t necessary.  My household owns a tent, and I suspect I could borrow the rest of the camping gear I was using in March just for the asking.  The universe has granted me the chance to obtain one of my minor obsessions, and I should carpe this diem.

So, naturally, tomorrow I fly to Orlando where it’s hotter, brighter, and more humid, so I can spend a week in Disney World, the land of small, screaming children.  I have never been to Florida, on purpose, and my feelings about children are best summarized by my propensity to reference cauldrons and gingerbread houses.  But my baby sister loves her some Mickey Mouse, has never been, and just graduated college as a chemical engineer.  By golly, I’m spoiling the shit out of her.

Whining aside, I’m actually quite pleased about the trip to Disney World.  I’ve been plotting it in secret for months, but the timing is going to give me an aneurysm.  It’s really only been a week since I got home and I’ve barely begun everything I wanted to do.  Plus, tent city.  Why couldn’t Wisconsin have been a phenomenally compelling place to be last year, when I was home all the time?

The permits for the tent city are good through the 20th, so I’ll be able to hang out when I get back.  But if any of you were wondering why I’m not full of pictures and reports from the front lines, that’s why.  Blame Mickey Mouse, and my all too accomplished sibling.

Yeah, I’m totally going to be the loser glued to the news on her phone the whole time.  But I shall ride roller coasters, stare at Americana, and mutter cruel things about little children.  My sister will renew her vows to hide her future children from me until they’re “old enough to survive you” whatever that means.  It’ll be fun.  And when I get home: tents!

I have plans to keep blogging while I’m gone.  I also plan to foment rebellion, revise a novel, read three books, kick-start a small business, and plan a party.  I suspect I misjudge my productivity for the upcoming week.

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