I’m just going to take a moment to let everybody know that the prize for Anaea’s favorite person, an honor dispensed with great fickleness and absurdity, currently rests solidly with Spencer Ellsworth.  It’s not just that he writes good things.  And it’s not just that he’s one half of my favorite faux literary feud ever.  (Sorry Jake, but I have to take sides, now.  You’ll understand, I’m sure.)  No, Spencer gets favorite person status because he has earned it in the way all people who want to be my favorite people must: he bribed me.

That is a box full of books.  It is a box full of more books than I have acquired at one time since Christmas of my senior year of high school.  My worst used bookstore fiasco topped out at nineteen.  (Though at my worst, I was buying four at a time, but with great frequency)

Okay, technically he ran a contest which I won, thus causing the delivery of this magical box full of lust objects books.  Weirdest piece of flash under 1,000 words wins the prize, and he liked my weird.  But let’s be honest, that many books way, way tops $.05/word.  And if I’d been paid, I’d have just used it as an excuse to go out and spend twice that much on a nice dinner.  If I’d bought these books, I’d have to feel guilty about not building that second bookshelf before it got cold and snowy.  Spencer found a way to give me exactly what I want, better than I earned, guilt free.

I’ve been known to switch favorite people as frequently as three times an hour, especially while playing board games.  But this?  This is going to be hard to stop.

Y’all should totally feel free to try, though.


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