So I’m rather startled to announce that we’ve got a prize to award already.  Sylvia Wrigley, you and I are going to have to talk about pie.

My synopsis is no longer under-revised.  Also, where did my Saturday go?  Woops.

Upon reflection, there are a few flaws with the rules as laid out.  Namely, it’s virtually impossible for me to ever take a hit.  With a minimum threshold of 5, and some agents not responding at all if they aren’t interested, that’s just never going to happen.  So I’m bumping the minimum threshold to 10.  And I’m specifying that this is for queries out, which means I’m down to 7.  The clock on my 48 hours to a hit starts ticking now.

I’m also only going to post an update if there’s news a la I take a hit or somebody wins a prize.  So future requests for partials will go unannounced.  If you really want to hear every little update, let me know and I’ll do a g+ circle for the obsessed.

5 thoughts on “Query Game Update

  1. Hurray! And congrats on such a fast turnaround for the partial requests.


    I’m counting calories and pie has a lot. So my pie has to be a wonderful flavour sensation that makes every bite completely and utterly worth it.

    I love both sweet and savoury pies although I’m allergic to seafood so that’s a limitation.

    For my F’ing Faerie submissions, I put a time-limit on agents who said they didn’t respond – if I hadn’t heard back in 6 weeks, then they got marked as a no. I hoped that I would then get pleasantly confused when one of them came to me after the timelimit had expired, changing a no response to a request, but that never happened. :sadface:

    1. Are you looking just for a recipe, then? If so, are there any ingredients common here I’m likely to use which aren’t standard in Swansea? Canola oil is the only thing I can think of that might be an issue, but I’ve never tried cooking outside the continental US so I probably don’t know what I’m talking about.

      I have time limits for the no answer means no people, but often their guidelines stay things like, “If you haven’t heard back in two/four/six months…” and that’s just too long for me to ever take a hit if I only have to have five out. I think changing the rules was good. I immediately screwed up, fell under 10 on Monday, and had a hit by Wednesday night, which I responded to by building a bigger buffer. Which is exactly the behavior I wanted the game to cause, so yay!

      1. Well, I’m open to offers but that’s what I thought – an Anaea-designed pie (say that three times fast) that I could then make and enjoy as you can’t actually bring me a pie.

        (Well, you could but customs would only steal it from you)

        I am pretty good at substitution. Vegetable shortening (crisco) is a problem but other than that I can’t think of anything. I’ll let you know if any of your ingredients are US-specific though!

      2. I was really hoping I’d have time to put this together for you before my epic three-trips-in-one trip, but we’re now six hours out from going to the airport, so I think it’s safe to say that won’t happen. When I get home in two weeks, this will be a top priority! Pie in early April!!

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