I would put up a review about Geekomancy, but I’m not quite comfortable doing that,* so this is a sales pitch, not a review.  You see, I got to read part of this before it got sold.  My response was two-fold.  1) I declared it a winner.  2) I demanded to get to read the rest of the draft when it was ready for first readers.

Michael Underwood is just the kind of jerk who goes and sells the damn thing before he gets it ready for first readers.  You see, the universe heard there was a book premised on the inherent power of geekly artifacts, made of sheer nerdtasticness, and then rewrote all the rules for how these things are supposed to work in order to make sure the reading public could get their hands on it as quickly as possible.  I was forced to content myself with a digital ARC, instead.  Woe is me.  My life, truly, is one of persecution.

But this isn’t about me.  It’s about you.  And your geekdom.  And your nerdery.  Embrace them.  And go buy Geekomancy.  I know Mike.  He’s on the skinny side; he needs to eat.

*Because I’m biased like woah in a couple different directions

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