The roommates have been out-of-town creatures, leaving me with a house to myself for most of the last two weeks.  I, of course, celebrated by engaging in rampant debauchery in the common spaces, but then I realized that I do that even when they are home, so that wasn’t very fun.  So instead I took advantage of a sudden onslaught of pleasant weather (Yay!!) and a half empty garage and built that second bookshelf I’ve been meaning to build for a year.

I currently have more shelf space than books.  I suspect this is going to last for about, oh, no time at all.

I’ve also been working in the garden, for values of garden that involve, “Those pots in my office.”  They’re looking rather, well, take a look.

That’s some dead mint, thyme and tarragon, with some really unhappy parsley.

The oregano is happy!  The rosemary was dead pretty much when I started and never ressurected.  And the sage is, uhm, dead.  I’m not sure what’s going on, since I have carefully watered them according to instructions.  My theories are either that the plant light is somehow either too much or too little, or that the potting soil I used was bad.  Neither of those accounts for why the oregano seems super chipper and everything else has slowly died off.

I’m a stubborn creature.  I’m trying again.

This time I got them in pots they can hang out in without repotting for a while.  If they survive a few weeks, I’ll assume it was the potting soil and try something else next time.  If they die again, I’ll try to figure out if it’s something to do with the lighting.

The basil on the porch is alive and looks happy, though I don’t think it’s grown much.

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